Vision Statement

over 1 year ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded. A summary can be downloaded in the reference documents area.

Borough of State College's Vision Statement:  

Providing leadership opportunities and exceptional services for an innovative, progressive, and caring community.

We want to know...
  • What does this vision convey to you?
  • What else are you looking for from your local government?
  • Is anything missing?

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  • gregg connolly over 1 year ago
    I see no discussion about the workers who make downtown run. No discussion of making their lives better. State College boro has a home rule charter, which allows the citizens of that local dictate the laws they live under to a point. If we are in fact a progressive town then we should be working to get our workers 15/hr by 2021, sick leave, after all we are a town of restaurants, you like your server coughing or sneezing during your dinner. Our professional class enjoy all these benefits and more. Why should a girl who has been serving tables for ten years receive no vacation, no benefits, but if a PSU employee probably has two weeks vacation. This should be the first focus of this strategic plan: get those workers not properly compensated for their labor the same living wage and benefits that those on the other side of college avenue enjoy after 6 months of employment. If we are progressive then we will do it, if we are just liberal we will follow the above plan to benefit the professionals and meritocracy, my take
  • herbert68 over 1 year ago
    This is not a vision statement. It has many politically correct words, but they contain no vision. "Making State College a nation-wide leader in sustainable living", for example, would be a great vision statement.
  • ruxbin15 over 1 year ago
    State College needs to address the rampant overdevelopment that has been occurring over the last decade and find a way to responsibly address progress and growth. Where we once had farms, we now have an overwhelming amount of student housing, gas stations, town houses, (some, like those on blue course, have a ridiculous number of units and are built so close to the street that any fender bender will most likely result in a car in your living space) new construction developments that are taking over former acres of greenspace (even at the expense of our water quality), duplicate grocery stores, fast food restaurants, etc. Where there once was greenspace, undisturbed wildlife habitats, beautiful trees, etc. there are now buildings, gas stations, etc. Zoning means very little as dedicated farmland and greenspace is constantly being rezoned residential and commercial, occupancy limits are raised and the planning commissions are not respecting the basic environmental, historic, peaceful and logistical elements of the area while constantly pushing more projects through which leads to new challenges for longtime residents and small businesses. All of the constant construction is not only inconvenient and irritating, one only has to drive through some of the zones to understand the concerns about traffic. More development and more people mean more cars, more parking woes, slow travel times, noise and additional pollution. State College is unique because of our farms, our clean bodies of water, our history, our greenspace, our flora and fauna, the peacefulness, quaintness and safety mixed with a University population providing a unique place that people have loved and been devoted to. Please do not change our entire identity.
  • Leon148 over 1 year ago
    As written, it appears that the Borough's primary goal is to provide leadership that a true representation?Progress is imperative, however the Council should be more cautious that it is not at the expense of preservation...State College is losing it's charm...double-density buildings in residential neighborhoods, and the massive demolitions of buildings on College and Beaver are glaring examples.
  • JVJ over 1 year ago
    College Avenue and Allen Street junction. A fence should be place alongside the road stretching from the area opposite and in front of The College Inn and curving round the corner into Allen street for several yards. This will force pedestrians to use the crossing in front of the Jeweler's store. Pedestrians now crossing at the College Inn impede traffic turning left out of Allen Street andare forced to stop halfway through the turning procedure.
  • JVJ over 1 year ago
    College Avenue: the right hand parking spots should be deleted and that area made into a BUS LANE ONLY.. There is enough parking garages to take care of that little area loss for parking; Drivers trying to reverse into those spaces course hazards and stop traffic flow.
  • JVJ over 1 year ago
    sorry that word scarfy should read scary
  • JVJ over 1 year ago
    I think it's great that you have painted white pedestrian crossings on college avenue. One problem is that while it may encourage pedestrians to use them to cross the road it becomes a little scarfy if the left hand traffic stops the right hand traffic does not see the peds so dont stop and vice versa... In UK they have similar crossings but they also have orange globes on posts about 8 ft high and they flash on and off continuously which notifies drivers of their being there but most important if a pedestrian steps onto the crossing THEY have right of way and traffic MUST stop for them. why can't we do the same .. I have always driven in town assuming that the students are a part of the road system as far as traffic goes they should always be considered an important factor when driving.
  • KWatt over 1 year ago
    That State College public relations staff are fluent in corporate jargon.I'm looking for State College local government to be less of a pushover to Penn State's administration, and also withdraw from the Centre Region COG, which I regard as opaque, duplicative and unaccountable to voters. Would also concur somewhat with the commenter who suggested "leaner" government. Most of the authorities, board and commissions are engaged in meaningless "advisory" makework; I'd like to see them dissolved and responsibility for the remaining, substantive decisions placed squarely in Borough Council's hands.
  • brazina over 1 year ago
    The Vision Statement ignores the fact that the Borough is symbiotic with the University. As a university community, the Borough should set the standard for leadership, innovation and social responsibility for those living and working in a vibrant college town.
  • Randyiles over 1 year ago
    I think State College must deliver leadership, not leadership opportunities. Nothing in this mission suggests a priority to insure sustainable, economic vitality.I am looking for local government to address painful eyesore buildings (residential and commercial) rather than paint rainbows in streets or put up flags declaring how welcoming we are. Welcome people by taking pride in how we look and filling empty spaces rather than creating more, creating opportunity for those we want to welcome. And, I'm looking for local government to embrace lean process improvement principles and tools to do more with less.