Critical Success Factors

over 1 year ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded. A summary can be downloaded in the reference documents area.
The Borough Council developed six Critical Success Factors and associated directional statements.

We want to know...

  • Do these six Critical Success Factors adequately describe what must go well in order for State College to achieve the Vision?
  • What else do you see as critical to the Borough’s success in the future?
  • Of these six areas, which ones are most important to you and why?
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Relates to Relates to document: DRAFT Strategic Planning Framework
  • gregg connolly over 1 year ago
    I read the plan it was all focused on professionals and their lifestyles, and the services and the type of community they want, my question as stated above questions the plans premise which is all is good and shiny in the boro yes it is except the lack of a livable life for those cleaning the professionals toilets and making their lunches, for them Happy valley is a treadmill, i am retired and have no one in the game as my kids are grown and fine, but a community is not well when the unskilled workers are treated less than ourselves. through reduced wages, no benefits and undefined schedules.I hope you can raise this issue for the 7pm discussion, Gregg Connolly, LemontChat Conversation EndType a message...
  • gregg connolly over 1 year ago
    I see no discussion about the workers who make downtown run. No discussion of making their lives better. State College boro has a home rule charter, which allows the citizens of that local dictate the laws they live under to a point. If we are in fact a progressive town then we should be working to get our workers 15/hr by 2021, sick leave, after all we are a town of restaurants, you like your server coughing or sneezing during your dinner. Our professional class enjoy all these benefits and more. Why should a girl who has been serving tables for ten years receive no vacation, no benefits, but if a PSU employee probably has two weeks vacation. This should be the first focus of this strategic plan: get those workers not properly compensated for their labor the same living wage and benefits that those on the other side of college avenue enjoy after 6 months of employment. If we are progressive then we will do it, if we are just liberal we will follow the above plan to benefit the professionals and meritocracy, my take
  • jeremysutherland over 1 year ago
    Safe and livable: I want to encourage State College to follow the trend set by Ithaca, NY last year.
  • Ron Madrid over 1 year ago
    Are these listed in priority? If they are, then I don't agree with the prioritization. If not, perhaps listing them in alphabetical order would be more appropriate.I would point out that fiscal stability provides the means to support/accomplish everything else. A shrinking tax base and limited means to generate revenue continue to challenge the Borough and affect our ability to maintain our excellent quality of life.
  • KWatt over 1 year ago
    Is there going to be a survey to go along with this "Engage State College" platform?Because this platform seems ill-suited for collecting public input.
  • Zoe Boniface over 1 year ago
    We should be careful that we welcome people from the families who have lived in the county for multiple generations. Diversity includes them, too. I dislike a tone in public situations where we assume everyone present is politically liberal.