What is bike share?

    • Bikeshare is a public bicycle sharing system where bicycles are available to customers to use for a fee. Customers can pick up a bicycle at one of the stations throughout the service area, return the bike at one of the other stations, and move about their day.

    Can I keep/buy the bike?

    • While we’re happy you want to bike that much, bike share bikes are meant to be available and shared amongst the community and are not for sale.

    Are helmets required to ride on bike share bikes?

    • Helmet use when using bike share is strongly encouraged but not required by law for adults. Minors under 12 are required to wear a helmet by law.

    How are station locations chosen?

    • Stations are typically placed in high foot traffic areas near destinations/origins to maximize the use per bike. Conditions such as topography, community input, physical space, connectivity to bike infrastructure, and winter maintenance are all considerations.

    How can I find where bikes are?

    • The bike share apps typically show available bikes within a certain distance based off of your phone’s GPS.

    Where can I go with a bike share bike?

    • Anywhere! However your rides will always have to start and end within the specific service area such as State College Borough. Additional charges are also added for trips of longer durations (as bike share is typically meant for shorter trips).

    Do bike share stations ever close?

    • Bike share bikes are normally available 24/7. There may be events due to inclement weather or major events where certain stations or even the system may be forced to close. In those events, members are contacted directly by the service ahead of time.